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Anita Byers lead vocals for the band Fresh Take
Daniel Smith drummer, vocals, and emcee for the band Fresh Take
John McCleary guitarist for Fresh Take Band
Jon D'Errico bassist for the Fresh Take Band
Ken Kotarski keyboards for Fresh Take Band


// lead vocals

Anita began singing on stage when she was a teenager.  Since then, she has performed hundreds of shows with various groups and musicians, wowing audiences with her vocal talent.  

Her singing experience includes everything from pop, jazz, soul, funk, R&B, and good ole’ rock and roll.  Needless to say, when you hear Anita's vocals fill a room, it's a memorable experience.


 // drums, vocals, emcee

Daniel began playing drums at the age of 10.  He has played an array of styles, to include rock, blues, metal, jazz, Latin, funk, and pop.  After studying drums and percussion at VCU, he toured nationally and held drum and stick endorsements. Like a true master of ceremonies, Daniel has worked alongside many nationally acclaimed event planners to help produce and execute countless 5 star events.  


// bass


Whether weaving intricate Motown counter-melodies or pumping out bass-synth on current club and pop hits, JD's bass lines drive the dance floor.  From juke joints to arenas, JD has traveled many musical highways, gigging mainly on guitar and bass, but also on keys, mandolin, drums, woodwinds, and assorted odd percussion.  He's backed a ton of great players, with highlights including a jazz workshop with legendary drummer Steve Gadd and an impromptu live set with platinum-selling country music star Gary Allan during his "Living Hard" tour.  


// keyboards


Ken began playing music at the age of 7.  He played organ and piano in various bands throughout his childhood in New Jersey. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he became proficient in multiple keyboards, performing in various music projects, studio sessions, and national tours.  Ken's versatile sound is considered the blood of the band. The energy it provides the songs allows the group to authentically perform a wide variety top 40 hits from all generations.


// guitar

When John first picked up a guitar, he looked no further than Stevie Ray Vaughn and Hendrix for influence. He has toured nationally and held guitar endorsements.  His signature blues and rock-style provide all the flow for the band.  Outside of his guitar shredding, John spends much of his work-week assisting internationally and nationally acclaimed bands/artists with their merch fulfillment needs.

Fresh Take is a versatile and industry award winning wedding/event band based out of Charlottesville, Virginia. Whether you desire a pumped-up, vitalizing atmosphere or a relaxing, mellow ambiance, Fresh Take can deliver it all. From the classic vocals of Louis Armstrong and Etta James, to the bumping beats of Lady Gaga and Blink 182, nothing is off limits.

Services Offered


Fresh Take comes prepared with their original full team, including their musical director and manager who is an experienced wedding and event specialist. Elements and services such as extra horns and overarching ambient music for the entire celebration can be included in their packages. With hundreds of weddings in their professional portfolio, they know how to make a party successful. Fresh Take would be honored to play the soundtrack to any wedding, helping the happy couple celebrate a future lifetime of happiness together.

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